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Choosing the most appropriate and reliable hosting service provider and hosting plan cannot be an easy task. You must consider various factors before you finally make a decision. We have already discussed some of the important factors to be kept in mind, in another article.

One of these factors includes understanding different types of web hosting and choosing the most appropriate one. In this article, we are going to discuss this important factor. In order for your search for an adequate web host to be successful, you must understand important differences between these types. You should use this information and consider your website needs. So, here are the important types of website hosting which you must know.

1: Shared hosting:
As the name may also suggests, you share the host server with few other websites. It doesn’t make any visible difference as long as your traffic is within reasonable limits (usually up to 40,000 to 50,000 per month). Having a shared hosting obviously has certain benefits as well as negative aspects.
The most important plus point is related to its cost. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting you can get. It is recommended for new websites and amateur bloggers as they usually have less traffic and less needs.
On the other hand, there is a potential risk of poor performance and security. Some companies even host hundreds of websites on one server and it can greatly affect the performance of your website. There are also similar security considerations.

2: Dedicated hosting:
It is very much opposite to the shared hosting. The whole server is dedicated to host your website alone. This means that it can improve the performance of your website massively. At the same time, security risks are minimal as the server is under your control. Usually you the full access and you can make necessary changes/ alterations according to your needs and requirements.
On the other hand, the cost can be many times more than the cost of shared hosting. It is due to this reason that dedicated hosting is not very common. Websites having huge daily and monthly traffics and with special security and other needs should opt for this option.

3: Virtual dedicated server:
It can be a very good alternative to those who have more hosting needs than amateurs but also cannot afford to choose a dedicated server. What happens is that various different virtual servers are present in a single machine. So one machine is hosting a lot of customers but still it seems as your server is dedicated. You obviously get full control of your server. Therefore it can be a very good option for certain websites.

4: Collocated Hosting:
It is very similar to dedicated hosting. The primary difference is that instead of paying monthly or annual fees to a service provider, you buy a server and place it within your premises. You are then fully responsible for its operational expenses. At the same time, you have the full autonomy regarding making changes. It also improves security. The basic drawback is the lump sum amount you pay in the start. But later operational costs can be very low as compared to paying periodic fees.

5: Free Hosting:
It is especially beneficial for those young bloggers and students who are learning these skills and want to try for fun. Many companies provide free hosting if you buy domain name from them. Similarly, some companies provide free subdomains as well.
The speed of your website is obviously not very fast under free hosting. The costs are none but the headache can be huge as automatic advertising banners may be added to your website. Moreover, your website will be getting disconnected often.

Above was the list of all the basic types of website hosting. We hope that by now your concepts are clear. You can make a better decision by understanding your requirements and future needs.

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