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‘Education VS Experience’ is one of the most common debates today and one that whose universally accepted answer cannot be found. People often argue that there is no alternative to experience as practical training and experience is the only key to success in practical life. On the other hand, we see hundreds of millions of people studying in colleges and universities and trying to get best possible education in order to have a goof future. So, how can one reach a conclusion in this never ending debate? The fact of the matter is that both are important and both are essential. The best solution is to achieve a trade-off between the two.

We see many businessmen and investors earning huge sums of money without high level of education. The example of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are often cited to prove that education is not necessary in life. It is obviously true that many rich people of the world never really graduated from universities. They had talent and necessary experience to make their life better. But there is also another side to this story. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were dropouts of Harvard, one of the most prestigious educational institutes in the whole world. It can be argued that they already got great level of professional grooming and education during their stay at Harvard. But most importantly, these examples are very few.

Not every university dropout or formally uneducated person succeeds in life. In fact the ratio would be one in thousands, if success means becoming rich and/ or famous. On the other hand, it can be observed that most educated people make at least a reasonable living. The success is surely not related to getting education or getting experience only. It is a mixture of both and one must make efforts to get necessary formal education as well as practical experience.
Education teaches you the basics. You get necessary knowledge in an organized manner. Moreover, modern education system is more practice oriented where you study real-life cases and implication as opposed to only studying theories. You must make efforts to get at least basic level of formal education, such as a college or university degree. Once you are done with that, you can get necessary practical experience in order to become successful in your career.
If we analyze the job market for any profession, such as medicine, law, accountancy or business administration, almost every employer demands a good university degree along with few years of experience. Hence, you must have both. On the other hand if you are planning to start your business, you still need basic knowledge about modern techniques and concepts along with practical experience of managing a business.
It can be seen from the above discussion that one should not rely on either education or experience only. There is no OR here. On contrary, there is AND here. A person must have both tools in his or her arsenal in order to ensure real success in professional career.

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